Counselling Cell

Counseling Cell

Counseling cell of our college plays important role in overall progress of students. Various activities which are beneficial to students are conducted by this cell.

Following are the members of committee.

1)      Asst. Prof. Mane K.G –          Chairperson
2)      Asst. Prof. Kharade B.S. –          Member
3)      Asst. Prof. Nagore P.B. –          Member
4)      Ms. Fakhi Nausheen Suleman –          Student Secretary

Under the cell counseling of needy students is done on personal and professional level, whichever applicable. It has helped many students to change their views towards life and various forms of life. Some of students have benefited to raise their academic potential.

Counseling cell conducted “Sanskar shibir” for girls, which helps to improve their thinking ability and maturity level. Hon. Principal also gives their valuable guidance to students and motivates them to do well in their respective fields and help them to resolve their personal problems also.



Asst. Prof. Mane K.G.

Chairperson, counseling cell

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