Goals & Objectives

The objectives of Department of Mathematics are:

  1. To provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical knowledge and skills, including both theoretical and applied mathematics.
  2. To develop analytical, critical thinking skills, mathematical reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities through the study of mathematics.
  3. To promote mathematical literacy and appreciation for the beauty and utility of mathematics within the broader community.
  4. To engage in outreach activities to promote mathematics education and awareness at all levels, from 10+2 to undergraduate.
  5. To encourage students for further study and research in mathematics or related fields.
  6. To support interdisciplinary research and collaboration with other departments and fields.
  7. To contribute to the advancement of mathematical knowledge through research and collaboration.
  8. To start B.Sc. Mathematics programme in the institute.

Overall, the goal of a mathematics department is to provide a high-quality education in mathematics, advance the field through research and collaboration, and promote mathematical literacy and awareness within the broader community, while maintaining a culture of inclusivity and academic excellence.

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