Department of English

About the Department

The most particular component of the department is its responsibility towards the all-round development of the students with its emphasis on giving close consideration to their psychological, academic and scholarly prosperity. It attempts to instil a feeling of cooperation and discipline to achieve healthy advancement of students in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Dr. Subhash Kadam –  M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D., SET, NET, PGDHRM, DIM, L.L.B.

Certificate Courses Offered

  1. Certificate course in Conversational English
  2. Certificate Course in Disaster Management

Departmental Opportunities

Since the college doesn’t offer special English subject at the undergraduate level, the department has opportunity to start special English subject which will open the new avenues of literature to the students. The department has a scope to start post-graduate course in the college.

Departmental Activities

English Language and Literature Association is an integral part of the department. It organises students’ seminars, workshops and other various activities on an extensive variety of social, academic and scholarly themes. Activities such as film screenings, book discussions, essay writing, debate, elocution competition, vocabulary enrichment programmes, lectures and talks with eminent writers and translators, etc. have been conducted by the department. The remedial and bridge courses help the students to get better understanding of the subject.

Year wise activity reports:

Academic Year Activity File Link
2017-18 Visit and Interview of Shri Prakash Adhikari Sir View
2017-18 Essay Writing Competition-English Language and Digital Media View
2017-18 Certificate Course in Conversational English View
2017-18 Quiz Competition  View
2017-18 Guest Lecture : Literature and Communication Skill View
2017-18 Elocution Competition-English and Career Opportunity View 
2017-18 Bridege Course in English F.Y.B.Com View
2017-18 Remedial Classes  View
2017-18 Film screening – Train to Pakistan  View
2017-18 Field Visit to Sane Guruji National Merorial View
2017-18 Bridge Course for F.Y.B.A.  View
2018-19 Debate Competition-Reservation Boon or Bane View
2018-19 Bridge Course in English F.Y.B.Com. View
2018-19 Elocution Competition Topic : Me Too View
2018-19 Guest Lecture on Personality Development View
2018-19 Film Screening- Pride and Prejudice View
2019-20 Elocution Competition-Fair Election in India View
2019-20 Essay Writing Competition Topic -“Chandrayaan – 2”. View
2019-20 Film Screen-Literature in better manner View
2019-20 Students Seminar View
2019-20 Debate Competition –   View
2019-20 Study Visit to Raigad Activista View 
2020-21 Debate Competition –  View
2020-21 Remedial Classes of Business Communication View
2020-21 How to ready and write and a poem. View
2020-21 Essay Competition-English as a Glocal Language View
2020-21 Vocabulary Enrichment Program View
2020-21 Broadcasting of the Interview of Hon. District Collector Conducted by Asst. Prof. Subhash Kadam View
2021-22 Essay Writing Competition View
2021-22 Intonation Skills View
2021-22 Vocabulary Enrichment Programme View
2021-22 Screening of “Pride and Prejudice” View
2021-22 Remedial Classes of Business Communication View
2021-22 Quiz Competition  View
2021-22 Presentation on “India After Covid-19 View
2021-22 Visit to Parents and Students View


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