Career Guidance Cell


Objectives of the CGC:

  1. To create awareness of competitive examinations among the students for their future profession.
  2. To help identify and develop their abilities and interests.
  3. To provide information to the students on the scope and relevance of any area irrespective of their field of interest.
  4. To maintain Career information Room.

Committee Members:

Dr. S. R. Sayyed Chairperson

Dr. B. T. Vibhute Member

Dr. G. R. Sanap Member

Miss. Anjali Ghone (Students Representative)

Mr. Adil Bagdadi (Students Representative)


Academic Year 2021-22

  • Induction Program
  • Book Exhibition
  • Guest lecture on competitive exam and skill development courses
  • Banner with QR code display at enterance

Career Guidance related websites: 

Web links related to competitive exams and its preparation

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